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March 21, 2009

Top five reasons my ex girlfriends have given me, for dumping me

5. Something is just not right anymore (Yah, your attitude)

4. I cannot handle the pressure of this relationship anymore (Really….)

3. I think I like that guy more (Why do you have to be so honest)

2. My horoscope says I cannot get married (This one is married for the past one year)

And the numero uno

1. My mom thinks you are a cheat, and I think my mom is a better judge of character (seriously……….)


Valentines day of a DFT engineer

March 11, 2009

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He woke up on Tuesday morning and checked the date. It was the 17th of February. “Ah, Saturday was Valentine’s day”, he said to himself. He decided that he would call his girlfriend and wish her a belated Valentine’s day and probably ask her for coffee during his fifteen minute break at 3pm.

His last relationship had ended in a disaster, He was sitting in front of the computer, staring at the screen, which was RED everywhere. “Why is my simulation failing? I did DFT insertion as per the recommended flow” he asked himself. His ex-girlfriend walked into his office and told him that she was dumping him. He was too engrossed in the waveforms to listen to her. “Sure honey, whatever you say” he replied. He cried during his fifteen minute break.

He was a romantic guy, but his manager’s nagging had turned him into an insensitive prick. He still made an effort to remember his girlfriend’s birthday and their anniversary. He even set up an outlook calendar alert.

He walked up to her and gave her a Valentine’s day card. It was the same card his ex-girlfriend had given him, the previous year. He dug it out of his office locker just before his break started. “Good thing she didn’t sign it”, he said to himself. They were sitting in the mall next to his office, she drove fifteen kilometers to meet him. “Honey, this can’t go on like this”, she said. “Yes, We cannot complete DFT insertion in half a day”, he replied. “Not that, I’m talking about us.. Actually, it is just me, you were never there. I cannot go on like this, I think we need to go different ways”. She walked back to her car and left immediately.

He cried for the remaining six minutes of his fifteen minute break