How is this even possible

All my ex girlfriends have gone ahead and had successful relationships after me. I don’t really understand how this works. The optimist in me says that “They learn how to love from you” and then move on to have a successful relationship. The pessimist says that “With you, they learn what not to do, and so they have successful relationships after that”. I think the former is true. Even if it isn’t, Don’t tell me.

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day.  The guy just converted a couple of IIMs. He has been in a relationship of sorts with a girl for a long time now, and I was just asking him what he plans to do about it.

HE: I don’t think I wanna get married now dude

ME: I’m not asking that, Have you considered the possibility of you being with another girl

HE: I don’t think I find other girls interesting anymore man. I think I have passed that stage

ME: Well, you say that now, but once you are in an IIM and your sex appeal goes up a thousand folds, and girls swoon over you.. Will you still think so.

HE: I don’t think that happens dude…

ME: Well my friend, in a few months time, you’ll know exactly what happens….

I know I sound really mean, but for once I wish I am right…………

Enough of mediocre girls dumping awesome guys (Like me ;))

The smily in the bracket reminded me of an xkcd strip. There really is no good way of putting a smily in bracketed statements…


2 Responses to “How is this even possible”

  1. Hmmm Says:

    Is this what u feed ur friends the possibilities of gals getting all over him once he gets into IIMs …. U are in big trouble if the IIM guys galfrnd reads this

    • harshavadlamani Says:

      If that IIM guy is going to base his decisions on random blog posts and relationship advice from a guy like me, he probably doesn’t deserve the girl.

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