A love story from the memories of a cynical DFT engineer.

He just passed PUC and was about to join engineering.
He still had ambitions and emotions. His heart filled with dreams
of a future so bright. He hadn’t yet become the cynical DFT engineer we all know now.

“We should go to the air show man”, said Sunil, his friend from high school.
Unlike most other people his age who join engineering and dream of being the next Bill Gates, Sunil wrote and passed the Airman selection exam
after high school. He was going to be in the Air force, just like his
father and his grandfather. He was destined to die at war……

The DFT engineer (At that time, he was still an Undergraduate would be DFT engineer) smiled and said, “Sure why not”.

They both took a bus at Seshadripuram and travelled all the way to Yelahanka. They didn’t need tickets, because Sunil used his Dad’s badge to get them some passes. They went inside to watch the airplanes fly by. It was going to be an amazing day.

After they entered the airfield, the wannabe airman saw a few seasoned airmen.

“You think I should go talk to them”, he said.

“Do whatever you want dude”, the DFT engineer replied.

Sunil disappeared with the seasoned Airmen. I hear he was gang raped
by every one of those guys. An old air force tradition, it was.

He sat there on the floor, bored. “Maybe, I should go up front and watch the
planes from up close”, he thought.

He struggled through a million people clinging on to the railing for their
dear lives and reached the railing. It didn’t help much, Now he was bored and tired.

He was standing there in the sun, bored, tired and dehydrated when the girl next
to him said the three magical words……………………………………….
…….”I AM BORED”.

Was it destiny, he thought. There he was bored and tired, and there she was, bored and tired
as well.

(AT this time the DFT engineer of the present realized that, if he bent the display of his laptop
to almost 175 degress, the display is barely visible and it gave the screen a nice Sephia look. After
playing with that for a few hundred minutes, we return to the story)

The girl said those three magical words…………………. “I AM BOREDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD”.

This is your chance boy, he said to himself.

“Maybe we should chuck the Air show, and do something fun on our own”, he said
to the girl.

“Well…. What do you suggest”, she said… Still scandalized by the
fact that a random guy just started talking to her…

“We could start by getting out of here and getting some Ice cream”, he said.

“I am tired and it is hot and I would like something nice and cold and soft and creamy, may be
with some chocolate sauce on top..mmmmmmmmmmmmmm”, he continued, his mouth watering at the thought
of Ice cream.

“Okay Okay, Lets get the ice cream”, she said, hoping that would get him to stop drooling…

(The DFT engineer of the present also cannot stop drooling as he is typing this story)

They walked to the ice cream vendor, who actually had a fridge attached to his bicycle.
“Kwality Walls, I am not buying ice cream from here, these guys cant even spell quality properly”, he said.

The girl promptly ignored him. They bought the ice cream and continued walking…

“Do you wanna go check out that Hangar there”, he said.
“Are you sure we are allowed in there?”, she wondered.
“Come on, we are at an Air show, everything is up for display”, he replied.

Turns out, everything is not up for display, and somethings were out of bounds
for civilians. Yest, they were destined to get arrested.. They went inside and found out that
it was empty.

We should totally hang out all the time he thought. They had some much in common.
They were both at an air show, they were both bored and tired.. They were made for each other

After hanging out for eight hours and talking about everything under the sun, from stupid social studies
in tenth standard and how they escaped it by taking up science in PUC. They decided it was time to go home.

“I think I’ll go find Sunil”, The love struck DFT Engineer said.
“Good for you”, she replied.

He turned back and walked a few hundred yards. He stopped and turned back and ran to her.

“Listen, I know it is kinda late and kinda lame, but do you have a name?”

(He didn’t realize it then, that his sentence rhymed perfectly)

“It is Sha………”

(Damn it, what was her name………….)


4 Responses to “BEFORE SUNSET”

  1. supritapagad Says:

    Heh. Well written, well written. Talent itkond edira, for irony, sarcasm, amusing thoughts and smooth smooth narration.. 😉

  2. sneha Says:

    sha ne maga…

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