Swimming Lessons

The DFT Engineer realized recently that he is getting out of shape. Not like he had six pack abs before that, but he was in a respectable, not so round shape.  He tried going to the gym before  and found it extremely boring. He wanted to try something new and DJ  suggested swimming.

Being the adventurous guy he was, the DFT engineer took a liking to that idea immediately. He found a swimming pool far away from home. He had his reasons for doing that.

a) The coach was a old national champion and more national champions came from that swimming club than any other club in Bangalore

b) It was a unisex pool. He was hoping he would get to see hot chics swimming.

Actually, it is just reason b). He didn’t plan on becoming a champion swimmer any time in this life.

On the first day he was in a batch with two guys and six really hot chics. One of those chics was married to one of those guys. The guy could swim, and he would occasionally come and teach his wife how to swim, after that, he would teach all those hot chics how to swim. He would teach them how to float by lifting them up in his arms and holding them around their waist.

“You can’t do that, you can’t do that”, his wife yelled.

“Lady, you took the words right out of my mouth”, the DFT engineer thought in his mind.

“Baby, I’m just being friendly”, the guy replied.

The DFT engineer realized that being married to a hot chic, gives you the license to flirt with all her hot chic friends. He made a mental note of that and continued to try and float.

“Look me, Look me. See how I floating. Don’t tight body, relax”, said the coach.

“Okay relax, relax”, he said to himself, and then he was rising up, he was not sinking anymore. He turned back and realized that the coach was standing there and holding his legs up.

“Don’t bend knee, keep your legs together”, said the coach.

“How can I do all of that and relax. This is how I relax”, said the DFT engineer.

The coach ignored him.

“So, is this your first class? What do you like more, floating or sinking?”, he asked the hot girl next to him.

She just went under water and stayed there.

“Are you going to stay there till i leave? Come on, is a painful death under water better than talking to me?”, he said.

He just saw bubbles rise up. He got the message

He noticed that the girls were all nice to the other guy as well. He had six pack ab abs he was wearing a  banana hammock.  How can girls find that  attractive.  Isn’t  a banana  hammock  supposed be considered a vulgar display of  private parts. He thought.

Well, that day ended and he went home. He didn’t see any of those girls or those two guys again.

Now it is just him and two creepy guys. One of them is this old, fat bald guy with a lot of hair on the rest of his body. This fat guy also likes to pretend that he

knows how to swim, so he would generally walk around the pool, bending really low so that his upper body is at the water level, and swinging his arms once in a while, to make it look like he is swimming. It just makes him look creepier.

There is one really hot chic though, and she is really nice. The second day she told him that it would take another 4 to 5 hours before he learned how to swim and that he was picking up floating really fast, that she had to struggle to learn how to do that. However, it turns out that the girl was really young, she was still waiting for her second PU results. Also she refused to talk to him after the class. She just gave him a creepy look when he smiled at her after the class. May be she didn’t recognize him with his pants on

The DFT engineer is enjoying his swimming lessons and the creepy guy is also fun to be with.


2 Responses to “Swimming Lessons”

  1. sneha Says:

    what are the pool timings.. i need to get fit too

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