There she was

“Hey DFT, There is a problem’, she called him on his mobile phone. (For those of you who didn’t know “The DFT Engineer” is just DFT to his friends. A few of his close friends even call him “Engy”).

She was his really close friend, and he really cared for her. He has strict rules about dating girls and this one was in the friend zone.

“What happened da”, he asked. “I lost my key, and my roommates are not around. I have a feeling that they are out of town. they might come back only tomorrow, or worse, after the weekend.”  “You can stay over at my place. You can sleep in my room and I’ll sleep in the living room. What say?” he said.  “I’ll check, I’ll try calling my roommates again.” she said.

She called him again in fifteen minutes. (Those were the longest fifteen minutes of his life. He was wondering what to do? should he let her stay at his place, or drop her of at another friend’s place. what if she stayed back at his place? What would people say?).

She called him again. “Hey they are still not responding. I don’t know what to do.”

” I’ll come over there and pick you up”, he said.

He was wearing his night pajamas and ready to go to sleep, when she called. He was in no mood to change them. He just got onto his bike and rode all the way to her house.  He went up the stairs thinking he would meet her on the stairs, but he didn’t. He rang the door bell and she opened the door.

At that moment, he heard a million church bells ring. He was still the cynical DFT engineer we all know, but for a moment there he was positive and lively again. She just got a new hair style done and she was wearing a purple top that accentuated her eyes… (You dirty mind, I know what you are thinking…).”Her eyes… I can talk about her eyes for days together……… Her face, like a beautiful warm sunrise after a rainy December night”.

“Hey, Sorry, my room mates just came back”, she said. “Sorry about all the trouble”.  “Hey, don’t mention it, what are friends for” he replied. That moment, he wished they were more than just friends. He wished he could forget about his rules and take her into his arms and kiss her. He then remembered the horrible punishment that the Indian Penal Courts have for sexual harassment and eve teasing, and refrained himself.”You wanna go get dinner”, she asked. “Sure why not”, he replied. “Sorry I’m not dressed for the occasion”, he said. “Really, I couldn’t tell the difference”, she laughed.

He couldn’t stop staring at her at the dinner table. “How can I get such thoughts. This is wrong…”, he thought. He tried to think about all those ex- girlfriends and the agony that he went through with each one of them. None of it worked, he was more and moer attracted to her by the minute.

“What are you staring at?”, she turned to him and asked. “Your eyes, they are beautiful”. he said, dreamily.

“They are the same, they haven’t changed since you last saw them, you know”, she said. “I never noticed them before” he replied.

The television was playing at the end of the room. It was “STAR WARS EPISODE 3: The revenge of the Sith”.

“What is this garbage that is playing on TV”, she said.

“You know, just when I thought we could be more than friends…” he left furious.



4 Responses to “There she was”

  1. Suprita Says:

    Waah. Come on. Go a little easy on her. I mean, we don’t dump you when you say you don’t care whether we wear sea blue or sky blue..

    • harshavadlamani Says:

      Hey, Don’t kill the messenger. I’m just a narrator here, what DFT wants to do with his life is up to him

  2. Another DFT Says:

    Dude .. fun stuff man .. loved the one on swimming classes 🙂

  3. harshavadlamani Says:

    Well, what can I say, DFTs like us lead a very fun life

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