There was a time when the DFT Engineer was still a confident young man. He could walk up  to a girl and ask her out on the first day. Now he needs to give himself a pep talk before he can throw a smile at a girl. No…. he did not lose any of his teeth, you moron, its just his self esteem that reached abysmally low levels in the past five months.

He decided to share this story from his past, so that he can prove to his readers that he was once a real Casanova.

DFT decided to go for an early lunch on a beautiful Monday morning (well, DFT actually said, “I hate Monday mornings, especially when there are meetings. I had to eat lunch at 11:45 because I had a meeting scheduled at 12:30. Which moron planned this”, but the narrator decided to leave out some details). He went up to the stall when the girl standing in front of him turned and said, “I’m sorry, I left my lunch coupons at my desk, can I borrow one from you.”

This one looked like an angel, and her eyes were sparkling brown, and her hair color matched her eyes perfectly. She had the hair style that Jennifer Aniston used to sport in the first few seasons of friends. She brushed the hair off her face with her fingers and smiled.

“She is totally in love with you man. See how she made up a lame excuse to start a conversation with you man. As if, someone can forget their lunch coupons before coming to lunch… Play hard to get dude. Don’t give in so easily”, he said to himself.

“Sorry, I just have one.” he said. The girl just left the queue and probably went back to her desk. “The extent that people go to, to prove their point. She didn’t have to give up so easily, I would have talked to her if she persisted. “, he thought.

Over the next few days, he realized that the girl wasn’t really hitting on him. For one, She never talked to him again. Not even when he stood behind her at the lunch counter for the next fifteen days.

He decided to take things into his own hands. He  decided to walk up to her and talk to her. He walked up to to her and said, “Hi, Do you want a food coupon?”…………….

“I’m going to go now…”, he continued.

Then suddenly, he saw the girl go to a table and sit with a common friend. He quickly messaged her and asked her for an intro. “Come join us at the table and you’ll get your intro” was the reply.

“Hey, there. Long time no see” he said, and walked up to the table. He then turned to the common friend and started talking in Telugu.

(Here the DFT Engineer has revealed to his readers that he speaks Telugu).

“So where is my treat? I got you the intro”, said the common friend in Telugu. “You expect a treat for just an intro? Let her come out for a date with me, and then we’ll talk” he replied.

“Are you guys talking about me?” said the girl. Shocked and embarassed, the DFT Engineer turned to the girl and asked, “Do you speak Telugu?”

“No, but I can understand it”, she replied.

DFT started thinking…”Okay, if I start running now, I can reach Mumbai in about 500 days. From there I can escape to Dubai with the rest of the smugglers.”

Just when he was about to put his plan into action… Another brilliant thought occured to his mind.

“So, now that you know, what are your thoughts about it? What say, we got out on a date this Saturday?”.

“Did you just ask me out? I have never done that before you know. Going out on dates with random guys”. “Well there is always a first time” he replied.

“Okay, give me a call Saturday and I’ll tell you”. “But I don’t have your number”. She took a pen out and wrote her number on his hand. The DFT Engineer then went stratight to the restroom and washed his hands with soap, ate lunch and went straight to his cube to work.

Sometime in the evening he realized what just happened. He rushed to the common friend again and got the girl’s office coordinates.He ran to her office and told her what happened.

“I’m not giving you my number again, how can you be so careless?”

“Have you ever seen a man break into a song and dance sequence in the middle of a work day?’ he asked.

“No, you are not going to embarass me like that. I’ll report it to the HR”.

“No you are not going to do that. You are going out with me on Saturday” he said.

They went out on Saturday and then on many Saturdays after that. They got married and lived a very happy life together.

Then one morning, she was waking him up, “DFT, DFT, wake up man. It is not nice to fall asleep in a meeting like that”. He woke up and realized that he was sitting in a domain meeting. Amby (short for Ambidextrous), their domain manager was standing there staring at him.

(For those of you who are wondering why this blog is titled Cecelia.. The song and dance sequence that DFT broke into that day, was Cecelia, by Simon and Garfunkel)


2 Responses to “Cecelia….”

  1. Another DFT Says:

    Dude .. is this blog like the holy guide to the all the women u hit on ?? 😉 😀

    • harshavadlamani Says:

      This blog is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any person, is purely coincidental

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