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The Insolvent Graduate Student

August 8, 2009

Hey guys, I have started work on a new character for my blog. From now on this blog is going to follow the adventures of the insolvent graduate student, as he soldiers on to get his Master of Science degree from the prestigious University of Minnetonka. Do email your thoughts and prayers to harshavadlamaniATgmailDOTcom.


Andhra Pradesh

August 3, 2009

After the DFT Engineer stopped being a DFT Engineer, he decided to go visit his home town in Andhra Pradesh. It is beautiful little town called Kakinada, on the coast of the Bay of Bengal or “BangalaKhaatham” as it is called locally. Unfortunately for him, it is still summer in this part of the country and it is HOT AS HELL. It is hot and it is humid, so he is sweating like a pig. The PIG took offense to this statement and has filed defamation charges against the DFT Engineer. The court hearing is this Friday. DFT is represented by his attorney and best friend, Datthendra Jain who would do nothing for him. The pig is represented by famous criminal lawyer CSP of “Muktha” fame.

In other news, four people were found dead in a house in Andhra Pradesh. The reason for the deaths is suspected to be the extreme heat and news of Rakhi Sawant’s Engagement.