He sat there thinking about her. He was still an Undergrad when he first met her. It was his freshman year and his second day of college. He was in the computer lab, waiting in queue. She stood behind him.
“Did you go to NCJ?”, she asked.
“Oh no, I went to Shadys, that one in NCJ was my evil twin. So if you see another guy like me and he is from NCJ, you better run”
She laughed at his joke and at that very instant, he was unconditionally, irrevocably in love with her.
“Hey, that line is a copy from Twilight”, said Ingrads.
“But you do feel that way about her, Don’t you?” I said.
“Isn’t it Plagiarism”, said Ingrads.
“You want me to write a blog about you or not. I have three draft versions of your travelogue, which you made me discard because it was either too embarrassing or demeaning. Besides, it isn’t plagiarism if you quote the original author.”
Also, the line in Twilight is “I am unconditionally, irrevocably in love with him” and Bella said that about Edmund. The gender is changed and it is also in second person. Screw you.

Okay. Back to the Story. You are unconditionally, irrevocably in love with her. What happens next?

” Well, I get dumped. Isn’t that how your blogs are supposed to end”, said Ingrads.

“Usually YES, but I wanted to give my readers a happy ending of sorts. Geeky guy gets the girl and beats up the bad guys and the girl’s parents and things like that.” I said.

“Beat up the girl’s parents? I would never do that’, said Ingrads. “Oh no, wait, that was my fantasy. Sorry”, I said.

“I don’t think a happy ending is possible dude. We were finished four years ago. It all started in early 2005, or was it late 2004. When did we elect Manmohan Singh as the Prime minister for the first time. I think it was 2005… no Wait not sure. So it was like a long time ago and I was being a real jerk and she was going through some trouble and ….”

(To be Continued… When Ingrads stops talking)


One Response to “Undergrad”

  1. sneha Says:

    you will never move on!!!
    move on, i say!

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