Terrible week

Ingrads is not used to getting negative feedback. He has always been the best in whatever he did, but he has been getting a lot of criticism lately. He went swimming the other day and the life guard threw him out of the pool for not being able to swim 25 yards in deep waters. “25 yards Damn it!!!!, I can spit that far”, said a frustrated Ingrads.

He then went to the VLSI Design lab and some random guy looked at his layout and said, “You are wasting a lot of space at the bottom there. If you keep your NMOS close to the ground rail, you get more routing tracks in the middle.” Ingrads was surprised by this feed back. “I’m drawing an XOR gate dude, I need six tracks in all. Why would I push my NMOS down beyond this” he replied. “Guess you will have learn it the hard way then” said the random guy. He walked away before Ingrads could come up with a good insult.

He then went to work where he makes sandwiches for “Stupid Undergrads”. One of those stupid undergrads had the audacity to write this on the feedback form

“my Sandwich was terrible. The sandwich guy is slow and not that smart. Please don’t let him make sandwiches again”

It was an anonymous feedback so Ingrads is gonna post his reply here Publicly

1. It is a Sandwich made as per your specifications. Everything in it is what you picked. “What you get, is what you asked for”. If it is bad, it is your f***ing fault.

They eat Humus and turkey together. I’m a vegetarian and I know that those two don’t go together

2. I am not slow, f***ing undergrads take so much time deciding what they want on their sandwich.

“I’ll take some roast turkey and a little bit of the ham. Actually, forget the ham, but some beef on that. Can I get a little cheddar cheese on that, Oh wait, may be American cheese is better”.

Make up your frigging mind God Damn it!!! there are a million people in line.

3. It is a Sandwich, not a space ship, how smart do I need to be. Americans manage to make themselves a sandwich every now and then, without burning the house down, I think I am qualified for the Job

My manager saw the feedback and said,

‘Why doesn’t he roll it up and shove it up his a**.” I am not gonna use such strong language but I’m gonna still say… “Up yours!!!!!!!!!”


2 Responses to “Terrible week”

  1. pushkar gejji Says:

    Hey harsha,

    interesting articles! looks like the minnesota winter hasnt frozen ur creative juices ….

    • harshavadlamani Says:

      It is still above zero here, so it is still “Fall season”. The VLSI lab is probably gonna kill me before the winter does

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