think about it…

I was talking to Ingrads the other day. He is done with his semester and enjoying his winter break. He is all excited about watching the new James Cameron movie. I do not have any new stories to report. I just wanted to share a few thoughts that were running through my head the other day. I was talking to a friend and she said that she doesn’t really know what she wants, but she knew she wanted to be really successful. “That is really funny, how would you be successful, if you didn’t know what you want”, I asked. “No matter what I do, I want to be really rich at the end of it and have a lot of money. Because a person’s success is measured by how much money they have”, she said. I don’t measure my success by the amount of money I have, especially, now because I have absolutely no money.

I ask my self these questions and I hope that the answer is “yes” for at least one of these questions

1. Will people would come visit you if you were terminally ill? if yes, How many?

2. If you needed a kidney transplant, would someone not related to you step forward to give you their kidney. If yes, Have you called that person in the past ten days to check how he/she is doing?

3. If it was someone’s last day at work, will he/she pick up her stuff and leave, or wait for you to come out of a meeting so that he/she can shake your hand and say goodbye.

4. Did you help someone today?

5. Do you remember your first love, and the look in her eyes, the first time you kissed.

6. Have you stopped by at a friend’s place to just talk and drink tea/beer(pick your favorite) recently


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