Laundry Adventures

Ingrads and his roommate were stuck in Minnetonka for the winter. Ingrads couldn’t go to California because “she” wasn’t very sure if it was a good idea and his roommate AV didn’t have any luck with women at all. Unfortunately for his roommate, he had bad luck with cooking, cellphones and even laundry machines. This blog post is about one such mishap in AVs life.

I think bad luck has a way of really biting you in the behind. If the washer breaks down, you can just wear your dirty clothes for another week, but that wouldn’t be so bad would it. But when you realize that the drier is broken down, it is already too late to do anything about it. All your clothes are wet and you cannot dry your clothes outside in the sun when the temperature is -20C and it is snowing.

By now you guys must have guessed what happened. If you haven’t, then here are the details

AV just pulled his clothes out of the washer and transferred them to the drier. He put in three quarters successfully when the the drier spat out the last one. It just wouldn’t take it. The coin box was full. He tried everything possible, but there was no use. He transferred his clothes into the other drier and tried again. This time, it accepted two quarters and then stopped. He called the laundry service guys, but they were all out of town, for the winter holidays.

AV was furious. He came back to the apartment and made a few calls from my phone (remember I told you, he had bad luck with cellphones). He went back to the laundry room to find that some guy managed to put in the last quarter into the first machine and was drying his clothes in there.

“God damn it!!, how is that even possible” said AV. He left a little note for that guy that read.

Three of those four quarters are mine.
Drop’em off at apartment 7.

p.s.: I know where you live.

Well, those weren’t the exact words. But I think, that is what the poor chinese guy read. He was shivering, when he knocked on our door. It was either fear or biting cold, we’ll never know (Some guy left the window open in the corridor).

We finally decided to try the laundry in the other building. You see, our apartment complex has two buildings and the key to the main entrance is the same for both.

The plan was that i would run out in the cold and enter the second building, put the quarters in and then call AV. He would then bring his clothes there and put them in the machine.

Unfortunately, it was the same story there. It just didn’t work. We tried everything we could. It just wouldn’t accept the last quarter.

After struggling with the machine for a few hours, AV and Ingrads read the inscription on the coin and got a shock of their life. It said

“25 cents, CANADA”.


One Response to “Laundry Adventures”

  1. udaya bhaskar Says:

    Oh great twist. Even I got shock at last sentence ” 25 cents, CANADA”.

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