War of Words

I have recently been accused of being “Unnecessarily Harsh” on online forums. A man accused me of calling other people stupid and senseless beings. In my defense.. I want to say, “Well, atleast I provide comic relief for the readers”. The same person also accused me of “not being funny”, which ticked me off a lot. I had formulated a really long reply email, but I didn’t post it because people begged me not to prolong the debate any further. I am still going to post it here, because I think it is a good read.


What is the source of this aggression? The person who was the target of the joke is probably laughing right now, while you are here attacking me for a ridiculous joke. Did I strike a nerve here? Did the mildly insulting joke, bring back childhood memories? Were you bullied by a little girl when you were a kid? Are you now married to that girl? Were you the subject of all the jokes in your family/friend circle?

THAT, my dear xxx is called, being mean. What i typed on the forum, was a joke…

Having said that.. I would like to quote Scott Adams’ statement “Stupidity is not an all encompassing 24 hour phenomenon. It is a condition that people slip into from time to time. Life is just too complicated to be smart all the time”

Everybody makes stupid mistakes. If you don’t believe me, take a look at the list of your ex girlfriends (Oops!, I just realized that this example might not be applicable to you. Look at this way, think about all those stupid women who overlooked you and married other stupid men, THE result of which, you are currently married to your childhood bully ). Our stupidity defines us. How can you take offense when someone calls you stupid? Stupid mistakes which are overlooked become habits. The ones which are pointed out, make valuable life lessons.

There are different degrees of stupidity and so, there are degrees of punishments

1. Mild Stupidity:

The question posted by the originator of this thread, is an example of mild stupidity. This is usually punishable by a mildly insulting joke, which is what I posted in reply

2. Moderate Stupidity:

A slightly more serious form of stupidity. Ex: Engaging in a war of words with you.

This is usually punishable by emails and phone calls from friends and other members of the forum, asking me to SHUT UP. This email, is a desperate attempt to clean up my mess

3. Extreme stupidity:

This is usually punishable by death. Examples of this include, driving under influence, falling on a rusty nail and reading this email till the end.

I like cracking jokes, that habit is a result of never encountering a person like you, ever. I was in a great dilemma as to, whether to send this reply to everyone on the list, or just to you, but I decided that, this could be a good read for other comically challenged engineers, which is why I’m posting it on the forum.

Yours Truly



5 Responses to “War of Words”

  1. Vishnu Kamisetty Says:

    I like the “Extreme Stupidity” thing! 😀 .. I’ve had similar experiences but never tried doing this 😀

    • harshavadlamani Says:

      What kind of experience are you talking about? Stupidity, or Moral Policing on the internet? I am a great supporter of stupidity myself. Hell, I’ve been outsmarted by a dryer and a Canadian quarter.

  2. Abhishek Says:

    Well, one thing is for sure that you have a good sense of humor.
    And for the person XX, I think he has no other form of entertainment in his life.

  3. Srikanth Says:

    What do you call it when your intelligence outsmarts yourself? Self-stupidity? 😛

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