Honesty is highly overrated. People don’t want to hear the truth, they are just looking for someone to reaffirm their faith. You cannot go to a creationist and talk to him about evolution. I once talked to a guy about fossil evidence and he said that there is no proof to say that the dinosaur actually lived 65 million years ago, and radio carbon dating might be way off. He even argued that the average life span of people has decreased in the recent years because of the increase in the number of non believers. His grandmother apparently lived for a 120 years because she believed in God and prayed everyday. It didn’t matter to him, that the average life expectancy in those days was 7 years or less. He wouldn’t even accept that vestigial organs like the appendix or  wisdom teeth as evidence.

Having said that, It appears to me that creationists aren’t the only ones living in denial. A friend of mine recently got into a relationship and her guy wanted to know everything about her exes. She said, she was not ready to discuss it yet and when she is, she will tell him everything he needs to know. I don’t know how much she told him, but in my opinion, all he needs to know is that, there were a few men before him, and it doesn’t matter now. I follow a simple rule with my relationships. When my girlfriend asks me how many bases I have covered with my ex, it is always “One less” than the number of bases I have covered with her. That is usually the answer that they want to listen. It might not be the truth, but it is better to lie and be in a relationship, than give out the truth and stay single.

The truth hurts. I learnt that the hard way. If all the people in my university found out, what I really think of them, it would kill them. This is after I have openly insulted a few of them. I find it easy to be honest in emails, because I cannot see the rage on the other person’s face, but when I’m talking to them in person, I prefer to keep it low. A friend of mine interpreted my silence as lack of a valid argument. I kept quiet and reaffirmed his faith.

A friend of mine kept two business cards. One of them said he was a business analyst at a multinational company and the other one said he was an author for a world famous travel guide. He carried both of them in his pocket, when he went to bars to pick up girls and decided which card to play, based on the girl. The truth is that, he quit the multinational company a while ago and he hadn’t published anything for ages. He wasn’t lying about what he did. He did both those things, but right now he is just an unemployed writer with no money to travel. He can never pick up any girl by telling them the truth.

What would you prefer as your facebook profile? A picture of you, with the hottest women, which makes your friends think you are a player, or a picture of you standing next to your fat wife. I’m sure a lot of you will say that love has got nothing to do with the physical appearance and criticize me for being superficial,but what you are doing here is lying to your self that you actually love your super fat wife. If you know what is good for you, you will never admit the truth.

How many of you guys will admit the truth, when your girl friend asks you “What are you looking at?” Even though she is your girlfriend and you are allowed to check out her cleavage or figure, your answer will always be “Your Eyes”. If you ask your girlfriend if she thinks you are “better than” the other guy, her answer will always be a big “Yes”. Trust me, you don’t want your girlfriend telling you that she has seen something better before.

Lie to me my friends, lie to your husbands and your wives. They are good people. They don’t deserve the truth.


11 Responses to “Honesty”

  1. Rach Says:

    Ouch. I can almost feel the flames here 🙂 That is one angry post.

    Hi, btw 🙂

    Yes, the truth hurts, the truth is bitter. But I think there is the sensitivity angle to it. What hurts more than the truth, is the way it is conveyed.

    IMO, if someone has actually asked for your opinion, by all means, let them have it, but how about we let it be known in the nicest way possible? I’m sure you have noticed something positive. (There’s always atleast one thing positive. How fast you find it depends on what you are looking for.) How about you pepper the positives into that opinion?

    • harshavadlamani Says:

      First of all,
      Hi Rach, long time no see. How you doing

      There are situations in which you can pepper the positives and then there are the situations in which you just cannot do anything about it. that is when i think, lying your way around is the best thing to do.

    • harshavadlamani Says:

      Angry? I doubt that. Anger is a sentiment I usually don’t put into my blog posts. It is usually about humor, sarcasm and ex girlfriends

  2. Tink Says:

    How do you sugar coat that you slept with someone?

  3. Abhishek Says:

    Yes, interesting question. Plz answer Mr. Vadlamani

  4. Harish Says:

    I accept with Rach’s opinion. And also Mr. Vadlamani did that already here. Showing the truth as necessary according to the situation.

    Had he written his whole discussion with his creationist friend, may be most people stop reading this right after the first paragraph (??).
    (Believe me I am NOT the person that Harsha quoted above)

    Also somehow I see his preference of emails as a way to avoid counter arguments to his faith. (Para 3)

    • harshavadlamani Says:

      Well people can always reply to emails. Infact emails give them the time and freedom to formulate all their arguments, whereas verbal communications require that people think on their feet. Emails are also written evidence.

      P.S: You just confessed that you are the guy I was talking about.

  5. Bhav Says:

    Candid confessions. Or may be not! No one would ever know.
    How would you expect people who are reading this post to believe that you actually mean it? It might all be just a lie. ha ha!

    • harshavadlamani Says:

      Well, that is the point. My blog comes with a disclaimer
      “The opinions expressed herein are not necessarily those of my employer, not necessarily mine and probably not necessary”

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