I hadn’t met “Her” in ten years. When she got married, her husband wanted her to break all ties with me. “No connections with your ex”, he said. Things had changed now. They were married for ten years, and I was pretty much out of their lives. I ran into her at a shopping mall, and she thought that I should meet her family for lunch.

I was really nervous when I rang her door bell, not knowing what to expect. A kid came running up the stairs and walked up to me, while I was waiting at the front door. She waved at me and stood next to me. “Give me a chocolate”, she said. “Sorry dear, I don’t have any”, I replied. “Yes you do, you have one in your left pocket”, she said. I was really surprised and pulled out a chocolate bar from my pocket. I was carrying one in case my lovely ex girlfriend had any kids she didn’t tell me about. I gave it to her and she started eating it. “What’s it like, meeting your ex-girlfriend after 10 years?” said the kid. “How do you know?”, I said, turning to the little girl. I was shocked at her knowledge of my personal life.  “Do you wanna know a little secret”, she said. She pulled my arm, signalling me to get down on my knees, so that she can whisper in my ears. “I’m imaginary”, she said, when i got down on my knees.

“What?, Did ‘she’ set you up for this? Is this a prank?”, I asked the girl. The door opened, and ‘she’ was standing in front of me. I forgot how beautiful she could look. “Wow”, I said, looking up. “Hey, glad you could make it. Slight change of plans though. My dearly beloved, has to work today, so we are meeting him at a restaurant near his office”. The phone in her bedroom rang and she went in to take the call. I guess I was supposed to let myself in. Just when I thought I was in the most uncomfortable situation in my life, Things just got worse. Now I was alone in an apartment with her.

“You are in some serious s**t now”, said the girl. “Hey, watch your mouth. You are lucky I’m not gonna wash your mouth with soap, for talking like that”, I said. “You watch it, I’m just a figment of your imagination, remember”, she replied. “Who are you talking to?”, my ex yelled out from her bedroom. I heard footsteps, she was walking towards me. For reasons I cannot explain, I grabbed the girl and hid her behind a couch, and leaned on the couch to block her from crawling out. “What are you doing?”, asked my ex, when she found me leaning onto her couch in a very weird position. “Nothing, I was feeling a little uncomfortable. Just gas, I guess”, I replied. “Okay.. I guess we should stay away from Mexican food then” she smiled and shrugged her shoulders.

She went back in to get her keys and her purse. “I hope you understand, that was totally unnecessary”, said the girl, crawling out. “She cannot see me”. “I still think, this is a prank. I don’t believe a word you say. I am not crazy”, I replied. “Check your pocket”, she said. I put my hand into my pocket and found the chocolate that she just ate a few minutes ago. “Did you slide another one into my pocket?” I asked the girl. She promptly pulled out the cover of the chocolate she ate and handed it to me. I compared both of them. The batch numbers and the manufacturing date were exactly identical. It could have been a prank, but I was starting to believe that I might be crazy. I always knew that the PhD was a bad idea, now I knew why. “Holy Cr*p”, I said, still shocked from my discovery. “Now, you watch your mouth”, said the girl. “You are just a figment of my imagination. I can say whatever I want”, I replied. “Yes, but I’m still six years old”, so you can’t swear in front of me.

“Are you ready. My husband just called, he is waiting for us”, my ex was standing near the door. “Yah, Where are we going. I’ll follow you in my car. I think i’ll leave after lunch”, I said. “Really! I was hoping we could catch up on the way to the restaurant” she said. “No, I just remembered something. I’m crazy, I mean, its this crazy thing from work”. I put on my shoes and we were ready to go. I walked up to my car and sat in the front seat. “Kids sit in the back seat. It doesn’t matter if they are real or imaginary” I said. The girl opened the back  door and got into the car. “You know why I’m here right. You created me because of the uncomfortable situation that you were in”, she said, putting on her seatbelt. “Ya, well I just wish you would go away” I replied. We drove to the restaurant and walked up to the front entrance. Her husband was waiting for us. He was a few years older than the two of us, he was nearing forty and he looked a lot older. She put her arm around him and said, this is my husband, and I believe you have already met my daughter.

This is definitely the strangest dream I have had in years. It was interesting how much I remembered after waking up


9 Responses to “Someday”

  1. Santhosh Rajangam Says:

    Interesting story till the end.. Any of these real by any chance?? 😛

  2. Ranjana Says:

    Weird dream! But, liked the way it’s written 🙂

  3. Vishwas Says:

    That was really a good story dude 🙂

  4. Sneha Says:

    PhD was a seriously bad idea, Harshaaaa

    actualy, even i have funny dreams like this. except they occur as wild thoughts when i am sitting in a bus and dozing off

    • harshavadlamani Says:

      I’m not sure if this is a dream. I woke up in the morning and I had a story in my head. I guessed that i must have dreamt it.

  5. Harsha Says:

    Very interesting that you can carry on such conversations with 6 yr olds – 🙂 nice blog btw

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