“From now on, I’ve decided to quote my age in base 18. That way I can feel like a teenager for a few more years.”

I have to quote Cecilia, from PhD Comics for giving me the idea. She does it the other way round and quotes her age in base 7, so that she gets motivated to graduate soon. I think, my academic shell is as thick as the Earth’s crust. I’m not breaking out of it any time soon.

People ask me for my reasons for doing a PhD, and trust me, sometimes they are not always clear. It is like, there is light at the end of the tunnel, but i could be the milkman on his cycle with a headlight (I was going to say, a train, but the light is not all that bright)

It is tough to get creative ideas, especially when you are battling a monster that takes up all your time. For those of you, who stood by me, in those difficult times, I salute you. I promise that if I ever graduate, I’ll make a special mention of all your names in my thesis, but since I’ll probably be the only one who reads it, you might not get the recognition you deserve.

So, here I am today, hoping for a miracle. Hope something interesting happens soon, so that I can blog about it. Till then, see ya


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