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The ghost of christmas past

February 22, 2012

I was fixing a probe to the probe station the other day when the wrench slipped from my hand and hit the probe tip. I have been a member of this lab long enough to know what that means. An hour long lecture from my professor and a $1300 expense on my account. I didn’t bother to look under the microscope and estimate the damage. When you hit something that is less than a hundred microns thick with a steel wrench and 160 pounds of moron, the results are usually catastrophic.

I was on the phone with a friend who graduated with a masters degree recently and is now working for a semiconductor company. I almost forgot what words like timing closure and formal equivalence and placement legalization meant. I was just getting used to this sudden blast from the past, when she said the magical word. “BIST”. That is right, this word has given me more nightmares than Urmila Matondkar (I was still a kid when I watched “Kaun”). A wise man once told me, “DFT is what separates the men from the boys”, and boy I agree with him. It motivated me to start writing a blog and to explore other career options.

I wish there was one universal solution to the BIST problem. I sometimes think, I should just try to solve this one problem and the world would be a much better place. Any other DFT people reading my blog, please share your BIST experiences. I miss the wonderful world of memory test, I would love to know what is happening