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March 26, 2013

I have always listened to Pandora radio. From the time that I first discovered it back in 2008, I have spent a lot of time tuning my station to play exactly the kind of music that I want it to play, and right now it has reached a point where I can at least listen to half an hour of streaming before I reach for the thumbs down button, or the next song button. This arrangement worked for me and I was never bored as I always had good music to listen to. Even when we moved to the suburbs, by usual bus route had Wi-Fi and I could comfortably listen to my Pandora station and doze off for a good 45 minutes. Things changed last month when they changed the bus schedules, and now there is no Wi-Fi on my route anymore. I tried reading a book, talking to fellow passengers and every other traditional way of killing time, but nothing came close . I finally decided to go low tech and download all my favourite songs onto my phone. Fortunately, spotify had a one month free trial for their premium account, so I installed spotify on my phone and spent the last one day perfecting the playlist with 45 minutes of audio. This is what I could come up with. It has all my favourite songs in no particular order.